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Sail through college effortlessly

No more difficulties finding up to date, relevant and useful course materials, test papers, and study materials

Access highly simplified and curated course materials, study materials, and test papers to help you get ahead in your studies and achieve top grades.

Conquer Graduate Unemployment and Achieve Career Success

Overcome job market barriers with actionable steps and insider knowledge from industry experts, guiding you directly to your dream career.

Find Jobs That Match Your Experience and Skills

Don't just apply for jobs! Identify part time, full time ,and casual working opportunities that are perfect for your level of experience and skill


Botswana Accountacy College


University of Botswana


Institute of Development Management


Botho University


Gaborone University College


Limkokwing University









Benefits of being a member

Simplified course materials

Access highly simplified and regularly updated course materials, study materials, and guides, and test papers for modules that you are taking, all organized neatly for your convenience.

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Dynamic class schedule

Experience seamless adaptability as your schedule evolves with real-time updates, effortlessly adjusting to your changing priorities. With intuitive flexibility and tailored suggestions, managing your time has never been easier. Master your daily routine with precision and efficiency, all at your fingertips.

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Personalized assistance from Maslow AI

Your personalized AI Assistant. Streamlining your day with ease, Maslow anticipates your needs, from scheduling and product recommendations to personalized entertainment options. This sleek companion adapts to your evolving preferences, ensuring every interaction is uniquely tailored.

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Simple income earning opportunities

Earn cash for reactions that you receive on your posts between friends and the wider community, and by creating templates. Other Users reward you for creating content that resonates with them. You can withdraw your earnings, purchase virtual coins to buy products, gifts, and make donations to various causes.

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Upskill with expert templates

Similar to courses, but not to be confused with them. These are practical learning resources and guides. By simplifying complex tasks into manageable steps, our templates empower users to efficiently organize their lives, optimize their skills, and achieve their goals. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice, these templates offer universal value, providing a framework for self-discovery and the realization of personal aspirations.

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Networking with other undergraduates

Logsandtabs makes it easy to connect with schoolmates, share ideas, and collaborate on projects, opening doors to internships, jobs, and lifelong friendships. With Logsandtabs, your college connections become a foundation for real-life success.

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Undergraduate job finder and career mapping

Improve your employability, design your career roadmap, and access exclusive job opportunities that are perfect for undergraduates. We compile thousands of jobs, and internship opportunties so that you may take your first step towards your dream career.

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AI Assisted Goal Setting

Through personalized recommendations and data analysis, Maslow AI identifies objectives tailored to individual preferences, capabilities, and aspirations. By analyzing past behaviors, user input, and external factors, Maslow AI can suggest realistic and achievable goals, helping users stay motivated and focused on their desired outcomes.v

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Task management for upskilling projects

Designed to streamline your workflow and boost productivity. With our intuitive interface, you can easily create projects, break them down into manageable tasks, and assign them to team members. Stay organized with customizable task lists, deadlines, and priority levels, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

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Other Apps

In addition to our default apps and features, you can acess various micro-apps to help you perform other tasks such as planning your outfits, meals, events, and more. We launch new micro-apps regularly ensuring that you can always get a better experience at curating and organizing your college lifestyle on Logsandtabs.

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